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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Freezing Weather Headlines Mets' Win Over Washington

By David

It was Friday, the 13th of April and I was looking forward to attending my first baseball game of 2007. The Mets might have been facing the woeful Nationals, but it was still an opportunity to go to Shea Stadium with my best friend. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate temperatures in the low thirties and for the wind to be rapidly gusting in my face.

I felt like I was at the Meadowlands in mid- December attending a Giants game because at least then I can expect such fierce weather. Mother nature has played many tricks on New York and all of the Northeast in the past month. After a mild Winter, Spring has brought below average temperatures and snow to many cities.

While both teams played a competitive game with New York winning 3-2, the forecast overshadowed the events on the field. I was bundled up with four layers, a pair of gloves and a hat. That is extreme for me because I am the type of guy who'll walk outside in the middle of Winter wearing shorts or sandals. It was especially difficult Friday night because I was forced to sit stationary for three and a half hours watching the ball game. Not to mention, I was also keeping score with the five dollar program I purchased.

That expenditure might seem steep, but remember that a pretzel cost four dollars and a hot drink is $2.25. The prices at Shea and all ball parks are ridiculous and that is why I refuse to make any beverage or food purchase at a sporting event. The sad part is that as aggregate demand for the items go up, the price level will continue to rise. Unlike most ball parks, I witnessed that fans are permitted to bring food and beverages into the stadium, so it boggles my mind why more people don't do that.

At least, I was the smart consumer who bought his tickets for five dollars each online and did not fall into the trap of purchasing over priced seats. With ticket prices so high, I will only go to games when the Mets' have their five dollar deals. Not only do I get a great view[upper deck behind home plate], but I get to see the best team in the NL play. Now that equation is hard to beat.

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