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Sunday, January 15, 2006

LA Angels of Anaheim? Still Reads "LA" to Me - Type "LA Metropolitan Area" in Google and see!

I can understand that the City of Anaheim is upset that they are sharing space in the name "LA Angels of Anaheim" with Los Angeles. But their lawsuit is ill-considered. Why? Well, first their own lease agreement with the organization allows for the use of the name "Anaheim" in some fashion. In fact, the lease reads that team name itself be one "containing Anaheim therein."

Hence "LA Angels of Anaheim."

The City claims that it is losing economic development money by this agreement, which it structured. But really the City should just go ahead and sue anyone and everyone who identifies "Anaheim" with "LA" starting with the search engine company Google.

If you type "LA Metropolitan Area" in Google you get a huge number of listings that will show you what cities and towns the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area contains. Right there is Orange County, and within it Anaheim.

It's funny. Under the logic of the City of Anaheim, it should haul Disney into court for not respecting emiment domain laws and calling Disneyland "Disneyland of Anaheim." Heck, why not. Disneyland is shown as a major destination in the "LA Metropolitan Area."

But under that logic, and since Disneyland has a more prominent listing than the City of Anaheim, perhaps Disney should sue Anaheim for not calling itself "The City of Anaheim: Host To Disneyland."

Well, at least you can't fault Anaheim for having no civic pride. They're a far cry from their sister California city, Oakland. Oakland has no problem giving public money for an arena for a team that doesn't even want to carry the city's name. Of course, we're talking about the Golden State Warriors. They should be called "The Oakland Warriors."

Think of the marketing revenue Oakland's losing. Many people don't even know where "The Golden State" is, or so they tell me.

It's California, you say? Great, but does that mean I have to sit next to Bigfoot in the woods of Northern California to watch a Warriors game? Or do I have to find them in downtown Fresno, only to learn that the team's now playing in Palm Springs? I hope not. If I'm Oakland's tourism chief, I can't work with my own city's basketball team to help me promote the city. That's more than sad, it's sick for one town to allow itself to be used in this way.

Anaheim wouldn't stand for it.

If the Warriors were in Anaheim, they'd be ran out of town for calling themselves 'The Golden State Warriors of Anaheim' rather than the 'Anaheim Warriors.'

Opps...I should have typed "LA Warriors of Anaheim."

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